Tenerife's mountainous terrain means there will be plenty of train tunnels, Source: Depositphotos

Trains in Tenerife? That's what the future looks like in 2045

Trains in Tenerife? That's what the future looks like in 2045

It will consist of three lines

Travelling on a train in the Canary Islands once again emerges as a possibility in the future after the Government of Tenerife announced that it plans to build 80 kilometres of railway tracks and introduce that mode of public transportation on the island. The expected deadline for the final completion of the project would be 2045.

The aim of the regional authorities on this popular tourist getaway in the Canary archipelago is to alleviate chronic traffic congestion on its highways between main population centres.

The railway network will consist of a southern line, running down the east coastline of Tenerife, a northern line between Santa Cruz (the island’s main city) and Los Realejos, and a western line running between Icod de los Vinos and Adeje.

Each train will have a capacity of 450 passengers and a maximum speed of 220 kilometres per hour. Some 22 of the total 80 kilometres of tracks will run through tunnels due to the mountainous topography of the volcanic island, which contains Spain’s highest peak – Teide.

It looks like the railway lines will be unveiled in phases as it was reported that already by 2040, the authorities expect that 7.5 million passengers will use the island train each year.

Regarding the overall investment for the grand-scale project, this is what Pablo Rodriguez, regional councillor for public works and mobility, had to say, quoted by the Express.

“Instead of needing 4 billion euros upfront, we are discussing segments that require 300 or 400 million euros, making it more feasible financially”.

Nearby island of Gran Canaria has an even older railway project

that so far hasn’t seen the light of day. It has been in the works as a concept for 20 years now and it involves creating a line that runs on the eastern coast of the island.

The Canary Islands regional government, however, assured that both islands, which are the most populated in the archipelago will see their railway projects launch construction somewhere in 2027.



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