Helsinki tram, Source: City of Helsinki

Tram lines in Helsinki set for massive expansion over the next decade

Tram lines in Helsinki set for massive expansion over the next decade

The network will be expanding faster than ever before

The tram line in the Helsinki region is expanding faster than ever before. Citizens and those who visit the city often can now get acquainted with the possible routes of the completed tram lines on the map published by Helsinki’s local public transport operator, HSL and see where the new connections could be made by 2030. 

Bigger and better than ever before

In addition to the current tram line, the map includes the sections of track on which trams and light rail will operate in the future. The map includes the 550 high-speed tramway to be built in the Raide-Jokeri project, the new tram connection in Laajasalo as well as a number of new sections of trams in Helsinki's city centre. The map shows in particular the routes that connect to the current tram network.

Furthermore, on top of these connections, a tram line is planned in the direction of Vantaa for the section between Mellunmäki, Tikkurila and the airport, which can be added to future versions of the map.

At HSL, officials are currently planning the routes on which the future tram network will operate. Therefore, not all the lines shown in the new tram map have yet been locked, and the solutions will be refined as the design progresses. The construction of new tracks will also cause changes to existing tram lines. At the same time, however, there is an opportunity to improve the problems and shortcomings of the ones that are currently in operation.

Expanding public transport services in general is a surefire way to promote the use of alternative mobility solutions that substitute personal vehicles. Thus, such moves are essential for any responsible local government that aims for its city to become healthier and more environmentally friendly. And in the context of the climate emergency we find ourselves in – the faster the expansion, the better.



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