Students building prototypes at the Zlin workshop, Source: City of Trenčín

Trenčín offers modularity as an idea generator for New European Bauhaus

Trenčín offers modularity as an idea generator for New European Bauhaus

The creations of the young architectural minds are exhibited in one of the city’s galleries until 19 December

The City of Trenčín is turning its attention to the possibilities of design and architecture, and the New European Bauhaus is proving to be a source of inspiration. What’s even more admirable is that the Slovak city is paying attention to the future development possibilities in its vicinity, including the Czech city of Zlin just across the border.

For this purpose, architectural students from Central Europe got together under the auspice of a project called Digital Modularity to study post-industrial cities, such as Zlín (Czechia) and Partizánske (Slovakia) and then propose design prototypes of small modular architecture for the public spaces for these towns. The guidelines they had when undertaking that project were provided by the principles of the New European Bauhaus.

What is modular architecture?

Trenčín itself is one of the three shortlisted cities competing to be the European Capital of Culture for 2026, so its authorities are casting the net in search of cutting-edge ideas that can propel its standing. The goal is ambitious since they are eyeing the city to become a truly authentic European cultural hub that will be firmly committed to sustainability.

The design prototypes that were created by the students at the two workshops were created by digital design methods using innovative, recycled and sustainable materials. For example, plywood, bioplastics or recycled and recyclable plastics were used. The project also examines different user-friendly modes of modular architecture objects.

Modular architecture is a style and way of thinking in the fields of construction and design that seeks to create buildings composed of separate modular units that can be assembled and re-assembled in more ways than one.

modular prototype Trencin

One of the exhibited modular prototypes which break the boundaries of design and architecture. Source: City of Trenčín 

The exhibition, which takes place until 19 December at the Alexander Bazovsky Gallery, will also serve as a platform for discussing digital design, modularity and sustainability, all of which are related to the New European Bauhaus ideas.

The Digital Modularity is organized with the support of the Slovak Arts Council and the Subdigital Studio of architects and designers.



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