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Trikala provides vulnerable citizens with remote support using new app

Trikala provides vulnerable citizens with remote support using new app

Connected Living will make elderly and disabled individuals in the Greek city feel more independent

On 21 December, the Greek Municipality of Trikala shared that it will now support its elderly, disabled, and vulnerable citizens with a modern application. Titled ‘Connecting Living’ and implemented by Vodafone, this application will allow caregivers to supervise patients remotely.

Increasing security, support, and independence

Thanks to “Connected Living”, vulnerable citizens will be directly connected to caregivers who will support them from a distance. According to the municipality, this support can take the form of daily reminders, shopping lists, and video calls.

What is more, the city hopes that the application will be connected to sensors in the future. This connection will then allow caregivers to receive alerts and notifications relating to home and health-related emergencies. In this way, Connected Living will offer even greater security.

Beyond this, the application not only helps caregivers become more efficient but also benefits the elderly and disabled individuals in several ways. Taking this point further, it will allow patients to have more independence and freedom whilst simultaneously helping them access support for everyday tasks that they find stressful. In other words, it will increase their self-confidence and improve their quality of life.

In a press release, the Commercial Director of Vodafone Corporate Customers George Tzanetakos commented: “In a world where the number of people in need of care is set to increase significantly in the coming years, optimizing the support these people receive is vital. Our goal in Vodafone is about helping more people overcome these challenges through technology, as we believe that it can make a difference in this process by supporting them in small, everyday tasks that help them feel more independent.”

A test trial of the application will run for 12 months in the Municipality of Trikala when 60 citizens (8 caregivers and 52 beneficiaries) will use the digital service.



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