The Bramafame Castle in Turin, Source: Municipality of Turin

Turin snatches an ex-mafia castle

Turin snatches an ex-mafia castle

The property, together with others that have been confiscated, will be converted for social welfare uses

Last week, the Turin City Council approved the proposal of Deputy Mayor Michela Favaro to acquire three real estate properties, which were previously in the possession of organized crime syndicates. The building stock portfolio includes two apartments, and interestingly enough – a small castle.

The intention of the city authorities is to convert the properties so that they can be given to organizations working with marginalized and disadvantaged groups.

"The theme of the reuse of assets confiscated from crime represents one of the strongest symbolic tools that the State and local authorities have to affirm their presence in the territory and reassure citizens,” underlined the deputy mayor when she made the proposal back in May, as quoted by Torino Today.

Restoring the properties’ reputation

The three real estate units were made available by the National Agency for the Administration and Destination of Assets seized and confiscated from crime. These are two apartments, located respectively in Corso Lecce 25 and Via Bardonecchia 48, as well as the so-called “Bramafame Castle”, at number 22 of the homonymous local road, which can be used for social purposes.

The intention of the Municipal administration, as also underlined during the meeting of the Heritage and Legality commissions that preceded the vote in the Council, was to assign the "Bramafame Castle" (formerly the site of accommodation and catering activities), through public procedures, to non-profit third parties. The vision is that the latter can use it for the development of projects in the social field. The apartments are intended to be used for cases related to housing emergencies.

Turin is located in the Region of Piedmont, in the north of Italy, and not commonly associated with organized crime activities. Nevertheless, even there, 304 properties have been confiscated from the mafia. 41% of such properties in the city of Turin have been reconverted for social uses.



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