The art of gardening - from a household hobby to urban policy

Turin wants to show residents the true benefit of plants

Turin wants to show residents the true benefit of plants

A project there wants to not only raise awareness but to foster the start of a true ‘greenery culture’

The organizers of the Italian project VerdeCittà are of the opinion that although people on the surface know about the benefits of urban greenery, such as plants and trees in reality this knowledge remains abstract and foreign to them. That is why they will be setting up a temporary green square in the city of Turin between 3 and 5 September that will serve to attract residents and show them what plants can do for their city.

Horticulture should be more than a hobby, it should be a new urban mindset

The greenery square will be set up at the Cavour Gardens, thanks to the support of the Municipality of Turin and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. It will show how it is possible to combine the charm of plants with their functionality in the context of hydrogeological instability and climate change impact. The idea is to foster a new conception of urban green spaces that also takes into account the most recent scientific evidence.

The installation, specially created by an expert forestry designer, includes - among other things - a Rain Garden. It consists of permeable flower beds capable of absorbing and temporarily storing excess rainfall to lighten urban disposal systems.

Other things that will be demonstrated are a particular planting of trees and sustainable flower beds from a water usage point of view. These approaches seek to make the plants resilient to climate change.

An exhibition area will be dedicated to the presentation of the project and to the promotion of a culture that is more aware of the importance of greenery and the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ horticulture. This will include the organization of workshops, both online and in-person.

After the end of the event, the plant installations will be donated to the Turin City Hall.



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