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Turku celebrates Baltic Sea Day with a rich programme

Turku celebrates Baltic Sea Day with a rich programme

This day takes place annually on the last Thursday of August

On 19 August, the Finnish City of Turku announced that it will offer residents a rich programme of activities and events to mark Baltic Sea Day (26 August). This day is celebrated annually on the last Thursday of August and it aims to draw attention to the unique and rich cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea.

Moreover, this day seeks to inspire individuals to take concrete actions and improve the state of the sea. For this reason, the final panel discussion of the day’s programme will discuss what companies, associations, and the arts can do to help protect the Baltic Sea.

A rich programme

On 26 August, Turku’s residents will have the opportunity to visit various museums, exhibitions, and seminars. More specifically, they will have access to the Waterworks Museum, Treasures of the Sea photography exhibition, Biological Museum, and Forum Marinum. Two activities will reportedly require prior registration, namely the Baltic Sea Yoga Class and the Creative Writing Workshop.

Taking this further, restaurants in the Finnish City will mark Baltic Sea Day by offering residents fresh fish. Pupils in Turku’s schools will also be offered fish during the day at lunch. Finally, the rectors of Turku universities and the new deputy mayor will compete with several professional chefs in the evening’s Baltic Sea Cooking Competition.

Numerous workshops and seminars will be held for those who are interested in learning more about the Baltic Sea and what can be done to ensure its protection. Taking a case in point, one will have the chance to participate in the Oil Spill and Sea Litter Prevention on the Baltic Sea Coast webinar, among other talks and discussions.

The event will culminate at 21:00 with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s Nature Symphony in front of Forum Marinum. This performance will be free of charge, and it will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.



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