Topinpuisto Circular Economic Centre, Source: City of Turku

Turku charts climate path for its Topinpuisto Circular Economic Center

Turku charts climate path for its Topinpuisto Circular Economic Center

The goal of the path is to prepare and discover new and sustainable solutions together with local companies

In Turku, a climate path will be prepared for the city’s Topinpuisto Circular Economic Center, the aim of which is to find new, lower-emission and carbon-binding solutions together with companies in the region. The work will be carried out together with the consulting firm AFRY during the spring.

The climate path is part of the 6Time sustainable urban development project that brings together 6 of Finland’s largest cities – Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu.

Integrating climate friendliness into all walks of life

Through the project, a climate path will be prepared for the Topinpuisto Circular Economy Center in Turku, which currently has 5 waste and environmental companies. Cooperation in the region is built around the utilization of material, water and energy flows and the development of services.

The work will start in the spring of 2021 by mapping the starting situation of companies in the Topinpuisto area as well as their own goals in climate issues. During the process, companies will work together to find solutions that support more sustainable business, both in workshops and in sparring events offered to companies. Emission reduction targets and solutions are compiled into a climate path, which serves as an action plan for Topinpuisto companies towards a climate-positive business area. 

“Turku has set a goal to be carbon neutral in 2029 and thereafter climate-positive, ie then the goal is to sequester more emissions than they generate. The climate path is a model that allows a business district or a number of companies to participate in the implementation of carbon-neutral Turku and at the same time gain a competitive advantage from resource-wise solutions. Climate path work aims to e.g. to identify and initiate easy-to-implement climate actions at a low threshold,” explained Outi Laikko from the City of Turku.

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