Turku Concert Hall, Source: City of Turku

Turku reveals design plans for new Concert Hall

Turku reveals design plans for new Concert Hall

Check out the gallery to view illustrations of the building

On Monday evening, Turku’s City Council selected Harmonia Group as the winner of the Turku Concert Hall architecture competition. The winning group consists of 4 companies, namely Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy, PES-Arkkitehdit Oy, WSP Finland Oy and subcontractor Laidun-design Oy. Together, the companies have drawn up a proposal for the design and development of the new Turku Concert Hall.

Seeking inspiration from surroundings

Commenting on Harmonia’s proposal, the Finnish City of Turku revealed that the concert hall would complement the nearby City Theatre and contribute to the development of the Aurajoki cultural shore. What is more, it will result in synergistic benefits as the new hall and the City Theatre can form internal connections.

An aerial view of the new Concert Hall next to the City Theatre. Source: City of Turku

Although the winning group has drawn inspiration from surrounding buildings, the design and architecture of the new Concert Hall are still unique. More specifically, its curved shapes set it apart from the rest, giving it a softer look. Beyond this, the interior design of the hall also consists of wooden surfaces that further evoke warmth.

Two halls and a large capacity

Harmonia’s design consists of two halls: a main concert hall with 1,300 seats and a multi-purpose area that has a capacity of 300 seats. Although the primary purpose of the main hall will be to host orchestral performances, it will also be suitable for other purposes such as small-scale events and meetings.

Chairman of the Evaluation Team and Project Leader Kimmo Suonpää highlighted that the proposed plan is a good starting point for the development phase of the concert hall. However, the plan will be updated and modified in various ways over the next 18 months.

Turku’s new Concert Hall is expected to open its door by the end of 2025.

See the gallery above to view the design plans.



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