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Turku seeks to become a clean and safe destination

Turku seeks to become a clean and safe destination

It has launched a new website to help the public find establishments that comply with health regulations

The Finnish city of Turku is eager to welcome summer and attract tourists. More importantly, however, it is keen on doing so in a way that is safe and secure. On 17 May, the city announced that its tourism and events companies are committed to the "Clean & Safe Turku" model.

Following a difficult year, Turku seeks to become a city that makes its citizens and tourists feel safe. As such, it has launched a new website ( which will allow the public to view all the businesses that comply with the health regulations put in place to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition to this, it offers people information about the epidemiological situation in the municipality.

In a press release on the city’s website, Turku’s Director of Communications Saara Malila commented on the purpose of this website and model as she noted: “The goal is to tell the residents and visitors planning a trip to Turku that we take care of visitors’ safety as well as we can.”

A "Clean & Safe Turku" logo

On the new website, citizens and potential tourists will be able to view accommodation, restaurants, cultural establishments, shipping companies (cruises), and events which are considered safe to visit. In other words, these businesses have received a "Clean & Safe Turku" logo which lets their customers know that they value and follow the necessary health guidelines.

Currently, the green "Clean & Safe Turku" logo can be found on the doors and websites of 102 companies. To receive this logo, one must fulfil a long list of safety, hygiene, and customer welfare criteria. If companies fulfil these necessary requirements, they can receive the logo for free from the city.

The "Clean & Safe Turku" model has been coordinated by Turku Science Park Oy, the City of Turku, and Visit Turku. Its establishment acts as proof that the Finnish city is determined to make its visitors and residents feel safe by alleviating their worries and guaranteeing their wellbeing.



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