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Turku will conduct bicycle parking experiments to promote cycling

Turku will conduct bicycle parking experiments to promote cycling

It will test out the world’s first charging cabinet for electric bicycle batteries, enclosed garages, and real-time monitoring systems

This autumn, the Finnish City of Turku is launching 3 urban experiments to find ways of promoting cycling. The tests will run for four months and aim to facilitate parking, provide new services, and encourage low-carbon mobility.

Earlier this year, the municipality conducted a competition to find companies that can take part in the development of the experiments. On 21 September, Turku reported that it has selected 3 companies, each of which has come up with an innovative way of promoting cycling.

Project Manager Stella Aaltonen commented on the upcoming experiments, noting: “The city of Turku has received many hopes for improving bicycle parking. With regard to electric bicycles in particular, there has been a need for both the possibility of charging electric bicycles and safe parking. The selected experiments meet the presented needs.”

Charging cabinets

Manufacturer of charging cabinets Latauspolku has reportedly designed the world’s first charging cabinet for electric bicycle batteries. In a press release, Mikko Pajamies from Latauspolku explained the operating model of the invention, sharing that the cabinets can automatically detect the ignition of a fire and put it out immediately.

Charging cabinets. Source: City of Turku

Expanding on this, the machines monitor batteries using heat and gas sensors. In the event of a leak, the charging cabinets will automatically switch off the charging current. If the situation is more serious and the machine detects fire, it will fill the charging compartments with water to extinguish it.

Three such cabinets will be available in the city by the end of September.

Bicycle garages

The second experiment assessed the need for and use of safe garages for bicycles. Working on this project, the Kaseka company created an enclosed space where cyclists can safely park their bicycles. At present, the garage is located next to the parking area of the city’s bus station.

To park in the garage, one must first purchase a ticket at the price of 1 euro per 48 hours. According to the municipality, this is ideal for cyclists who wish to park their bicycles for a long time and on weekends as they will no longer have to worry about theft and vandalism.

The test period of the bicycle garage will last until the end of 2021.

Real-time monitoring

Solutions provider MarshallAI came up with the final idea to improve cycling infrastructure in the city. That is, the company created a system for real-time monitoring and analysis of bicycle parking. This system will use technology to gather data on the duration of parking, utilisation of parking areas, and effects of weather on the number of bicycles.

Based on the information gathered by the three experiments, new solutions can be developed to improve and promote cycling in Turku.



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