Power plant in Kaprun, Source: Verbund AG

Two major hydropower plants to be constructed in Salzburg and Carinthia

Two major hydropower plants to be constructed in Salzburg and Carinthia

The Limberg III and Reisseck II + power plants are helping shape the future of energy

On Wednesday, the chairman of Verbun, Austria’s largest electricity provider, Michael Strugl announced two major hydropower projects - the construction of the Limberg III in Kaprun, Salzburg and Reisseck II + in Carinthia. The investment will cost more than half a billion euros and will support energy efficiency in the region. 

Limberg III

After completion, Limberg III will be a power plant whose design is especially tailored to the future needs of the energy transition. “The existence of large, flexible pumped storage power plants is fundamental for the success of the energy transition towards a CO2-free power supply,” stated Strugl.

Currently, Kaprun's power plant, Limberg II, stores enough power to supply almost 100,000 households for more than a week. Strugl added: "The investments with the high domestic added value provide significant economic impetus, especially in times like these: Two-thirds of the investments in the electricity industry remain as Value creation in Austria. The investment of around half a billion euros will also secure around 3,500 jobs. "

Like Limberg II, which went into operation in 2011, the plant will be built underground into the mountain between the two existing reservoirs of Mooserboden and Wasserfallboden. The Limberg III pumped storage power plant in Kaprun will begin construction in early summer this year and will take four years to complete.

Reisseck II +

The Reisseck II + project will cost some 60 million euros. The topography of the region will be a benefit for the construction of the plant and the height difference will be easier to use for future energy purposes. Same as the above project, it will provide a significant regional economic boost and long-term employment opportunities.

After completion of the necessary preparatory work, construction is scheduled to start in the spring of 2021. From 2023, the new pumped storage power plant, in combination with the existing systems, will serve to support the integration of wind and photovoltaic systems in Austria and continue to serve as a supporting pillar for grid security.

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