Brașov and Sinaia to be first to have digital public administration

Two Romanian cities are working to develop high-impact digital services for citizens

Two Romanian cities are working to develop high-impact digital services for citizens

Brașov and Sinaia signed a partnership with "Code for Romania"

The municipalities of Brașov and Sinaia have signed a strategic alliance with the organisation "Code for Romania," in which the two cities will be the first to introduce high-impact digital services, transforming the digitalisation paradigm of public administration. Through this collaboration, the two municipalities hope to set a good example of how to develop digital solutions correctly and then open them up for reuse by other communities.

The first part of the project will allow for the development of websites for each town hall, connecting city administration and citizens as a result. For the first time in Romania, a solution will be introduced that will enable any city hall to develop its website using a safe, easy-to-use tool that is up to date with current standards and represents a model of user experience design, content structuring, and accessibility.

Available free of charge for all municipalities in Romania

"One of the main objectives of my mandate is to increase the transparency of the mayor's office so that citizens have easy access to the information they need and to those that have an impact on the city and their lives. Today's technological development, digitalisation, allows us to create a direct channel of information in relation to citizens," commented the mayor of Brașov, Allen Coliban.

"Sinaia is a leader in administrative management and now we are multiplying the model and offering it to all town halls that really want an increase in the quality of life of the inhabitants they serve. Together we digitise Romania and spread the good," said Vlad Oprea, Mayor of Sinaia.

The collaboration of the two municipalities with the Code for Romania association will consider, first of all, the area of ​​designing solutions on important topics for the local administration, such as functional mechanisms of the local administration or waste management. The first solutions developed will have as the main objective the transparency of the local public administration.

The digitalisation of local government is one of the goals suggested by the Code for Romania in the country's digitalization strategy, which was launched at the end of 2020 and includes other ambitious goals in areas such as education, health, the environment, vulnerable groups, and civic participation.



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