Radapp tirol is here and ready to be downloaded free of charge., Source: Region of the Tyrol

Tyrol launches a new app for cycling

Tyrol launches a new app for cycling

Visitors and cyclists can enjoy different routes in the Austrian state

In the Austrian state of Tyrol, a new app (radapp tyrol) is available now and can be downloaded free of charge. The app will be used to help advanced cyclists and visitors in the region enjoy another mode of transport in their leisure time. Cyclists can choose from 6,400 kilometres of officially approved mountain bike routes, 1,100 kilometres of cycling paths and 330 kilometres of single trails.

Various options for cycling enthusiasts

According to Deputy Governor Josef Geisler, the state is pursuing several goals with the app. The first aim is to steer cycling and nature enthusiasts onto the authorised routes, especially those in the mountain. By increasing safety through good route planning and optimal navigation, the state will contribute to increasing the number of cyclists.

Geisler emphasised that cycling on the approved mountain bike routes is not a carte blanche. “The route network on the mountain is primarily used for agricultural and forestry management. The cyclists benefit from this, but they are called upon to be considerate at all times,” said the governor.

The mobile application is not only free for all users but it also presents all official routes which are classified according to their difficulty and quality. People can use the website to plan their own tours and when cyclists are out in nature they can use the app as a navigation device attached to their bike.

Route suggestions for cyclists, mountain bikers and racing cyclists are also offered. The routes are classified according to their level of difficulty, which is based on the technical requirements. With individual routing from A to B, the inner-city cycle network for everyday traffic is also taken into account, so that the user can also find the best paths in their daily lives. Navigation is carried out using a map with directional arrows and voice output.



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