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Tyrol launches a new initiative to support local production

Tyrol launches a new initiative to support local production

“Yes to Tyrol” helps SMEs in the state

In Tyrol, the Chamber of Commerce started a new initiative titled “Yes to Tyrol” (Ja zu Tyrol). The state is looking for new ways to increase production and to keep jobs for locals.

“Yes to Tyrol” means relying on local products and services. That strengthens the entire economic area after the crisis. "The Corona crisis has made it clear how important functioning regional economic cycles are for prosperity and work," said the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce President Christoph Walser on Wednesday, 19 May 2021.

Maintaining Tyrolean production

During the pandemic, Tyrolean industry was a stable factor for the location, which can also be counted on when restarting. The industry has maintained production, the international supply chains have not been broken and thus the supply has been secured. The country owes a lot to industrial productivity and now it will be able to set the course for sustainable growth.

The ÖGB (Austrian Trade Union Federation) in Tyrol with its chairman Philip Wohlgemuth also supports the joint initiative: “Tyrolean businesses are backed by Tyrolean jobs. International online giants pay neither into our health system nor into the welfare state. Those who buy regionally, on the other hand, secure regional jobs, regional added value and the regional economy. That is why I appeal to all Tyroleans to shop regionally and to use Tyrolean services."

"Gastronomy and tourism are essential sales channels for our high-quality groceries, and rental itself is a pillar of income for many farmers to secure their business“, declared the President of the Chamber of Agriculture Josef Hechenberger.

Companies can participate in the initiative by creating on the website their own Facebook Page Headers. With it, they can show that they are part of the programme in support of SMEs in the region.



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