This summer, Uber begins conquering the Mediterranean Sea with boat-hailing services, Source: Depositphotos

Uber expands its boat-hailing services to include more Mediterranean hotspots

Uber expands its boat-hailing services to include more Mediterranean hotspots

This will even include the possibility of hitching a ride on a yacht in Ibiza

Uber has announced that it plans to drastically scale up the offer of its water-based services in order to meet rising tourist demand during the Mediterranean summer. That way, the company will expand from its pilot project for a water taxi in Mykonos to now include other Greek islands, as well as other popular destinations in Europe.

This summer, the ride-hailing app will also offer similar water transport options in the islands of Corfu and Santorini, as well as in Athens. The aim of these services will be to provide passengers with the possibility to reach more remote and secluded beaches or beach clubs.

Uber's data from the summer of 2023 indicates a significant increase in demand from international customers for its mobility services, with a 55% rise in places like Greece and Spain.

Speaking of Spain, the company will also launch its ‘Uber Yacht’ service in Ibiza on 26 July. The yacht-renting option, which will require people to pre-book a slot, seeks to meet the growing demand from tourists for more luxurious and exotic experiences in the Mediterranean.

Limo boat in Venice

Likewise, another perennial tourist hotspot destination – Venice – will not be overlooked during that service expansion. There, Uber plans to launch a ‘limo boat’ which will give tourists the chance to enjoy personalized rides to other islands in the Venice Lagoon. That service will also launch in the month of July.

That’s in addition to offering river cruises on the Seine River in Paris during the 2024 Olympic Games hosted by the French capital. That service was already announced in May.

It seems that with these new services, Uber is starting to listen to customer demands that sometimes not only the destination matters but also the scenic journey itself.



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