Bucharest Sector 6 Mayor, Ciprian Ciucu, Source: Bucharest Sector 6 on Facebook

Under lock and with cameras: Bucharest has new bike parking lots

Under lock and with cameras: Bucharest has new bike parking lots

Yearly subscriptions for the parking spaces will cost just over 20 euros

This week, authorities in Bucharest unveiled the first four secured bike parking lots in the city. The lots themselves will be located in Sector 6, in areas with old apartment buildings since those have notoriously bad storage conditions for bikes, said the district's mayor Ciprian Ciucu.

Furthermore, they will also be near metro stations, so that the lots will be part of the mobility turnaround. The idea is that citizens who need additional transport before they reach the metro can use their bikes instead of a car.

bucharest bikesAccess to the parking lots will be limited only to people with subscriptions,
Source: Bucharest Sector 6 on Facebook

Subscription parking for bikes

One of the biggest selling points for the new bicycle parking lots is security. The installations have room for 25 bikes each and are also equipped with a video surveillance system, meaning bike owners can leave their wheels unattended and sleep sound.

Additionally, only people who pay a yearly subscription to the service will have access to the parking lots. According to an official statement, subscriptions are set at 100 lei, or roughly 20 euros. Access to the bikes is secured and done through cards, which only residents with subscriptions can get.

Burcharest surveillance The parking lots are definitely safe, Source: Bucharest Sector 6 on Facebook

Also, because the bike lots are located in residential areas, only people from the area will be allowed subscriptions, which will be linked to their home addresses. Each address, then, would be entitled to two bike spots, instead of only one.

Local authorities have said that they will continue expanding the bike lots in the surrounding area, however, they plan to do that in a particular order. The order is based on a backlog of requests from residents to install the facilities.



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