Bratislava (a member of ÚMS) lit up its buildings with the colours of the Ukrainian flag, Source: City of Bratislava on Facebook

Union of Slovak Cities announces readiness to help Ukraine

Union of Slovak Cities announces readiness to help Ukraine

President of ÚMS Richard Rybníček shared that cities do not underestimate the gravity of the situation and will play a part in resolving the crisis

Yesterday, following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the Union of Slovak Cities (ÚMS) announced that it is ready to provide its neighbouring country with assistance. Consisting of around 60 large and medium-sized cities, ÚMS was founded in 1994 to defend the rights and interests of cities, present their importance as centres of regions, and promote their sovereignty. 

Cities play a key role in resolving the crisis

After an online meeting on 24 February, representatives of the member cities agreed to lend a helping hand to Ukraine in any way that they can. In a press release, the City of Trenčín reported that many of the Union’s members have partner cities in Ukraine and personal contacts with their authorities. As such, ÚMS is closely monitoring the development in the country and understands the gravity of the situation.

“The situation in Ukraine is serious, and it also affects us. We must be ready to react, to help, to be cohesive. Cities do not underestimate what is happening because they know that, as during a pandemic, they will now be part of the solution to another crisis,” commented Richard Rybníček, President of ÚMS and Mayor of Trenčín.

Taking this further, ÚMS revealed that its members are ready to provide refugees with buses and safe transportation from east Ukraine and offer them safety and accommodation in Slovakia. 

Showing compassion

On Facebook, Mayor Rybníček released a more personal statement in which he shared how frightened he would feel if he were in the shoes of the Ukrainian people: 

“The idea that I would run with my son to a basement to hide from bombing and that he would take a colouring book with him because he has no idea what is happening is scary. Just as scary as it is to read news from reporters who write that this is happening right now to our neighbours in Ukraine.”

Similar statements were given by other European mayors, such as the Czech Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková, who wrote that she could not imagine herself, as a mother of two, being in a similar situation to the people of Ukraine. 

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