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Unique park welcomes visitors in Kretinga

Unique park welcomes visitors in Kretinga

Natura lovers in Lithuania have something new to look forward to - visiting the Jaurykla River Park

In the Lithuanian town of Kretinga, the Jaurykla River Park recently opened its doors, welcoming visitors of all ages from around the world.

The new park offers over 3 km. of wellness and educational trails and covers a total of five landscaping grounds, which offer beautiful vistas and the opportunity to witness nature in all its glory.

For the little ones, the park offers many playgrounds, sandboxes, swings and climbing installations – perfect for a relaxing weekend visit. There is also something for those interested in large-scale cultural activities – an amphitheater ready to host musical performances and all sorts of other events.

The Jaurykla River Park is also perfectly accessible to people with reduced and impaired mobility, offering the necessary infrastructure allowing for a fun an pleasant outdoors experience.

A whole new approach towards outdoor experiences

The park was created in accordance with the guidelines presented in the feasibility study done by Klaipeda University and the Centre for Architecture, Urban development and Design. Work began way back in 2017 but the contract with the first company was terminated due to its failings to abide with the set-out terms. Work finally resumed earlier this year when the municipality finally managed to find a company which could finish the job.

The total price of the project amounts to nearly 360 thousand euros – almost 250 thousand of which are EU funds, the rest being allocated by the local and national governments.

The mayor of Kretinga Antanas Kalnius wants to significantly boost the quality and amount of leisure activities the city has to offer. "We strive to create the best possible conditions for recreation and leisure in Kretinga for the city’s guests” he stated. Three other park revitalization projects are also currently in the works, aiming to bring the city to the forefront of outdoor leisure activities in Lithuania.



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