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University of Copenhagen goes green

University of Copenhagen goes green

It has managed to reduce its carbon emissions from energy consumption and transport by 70%

In Denmark, all institutions are actively engaged in bucking the trend on climate change and are committed to reducing their own carbon footprints. The latest goal that was reached was the University of Copenhagen’s achievement of a 70% reduction in carbon emissions coming from energy consumption and transport, compared to the 2006 levels.

A decades-long project

Ever since 2006, the University has been on the path towards becoming more climate-friendly – by changing its ways of operation, by transforming the daily lives of its students and staff and, generally, embracing a forward-thinking approach based on science and data. Thanks to its steadfast commitment, the University even managed to surpass its original goal of a 65% reduction that was planned on the onset of the transformational project.

The most progress was made in terms of energy efficiency. Through high investments, the University of Copenhagen improved the energy outlook of its buildings, began streamlining their uses and looked into making their operations more energy efficient. Along these lines, the University also began transforming the habits of its staff and students so that they can also contribute to achieving the establishment’s goals. In total, there have been a total of 150 energy efficiency projects carried out across the entirety of the University of Copenhagen – thus far.

Other venues where the University sought improvements were less impactful in the grand scheme of things, but just as vital to achieving these spectacular results. Some of the initiatives include:

  • The transition to water-based district heating on the campus
  • A switch to biodegradable packaging in a number of the university’s canteens – some of them even serve vegetarian-only food to make an even further impact on the environment
  • The setting up of a variety of waste sorting options in many places around the campus and especially in Maersk Tower

By combining a multi-faceted approach, not only has the University of Copenhagen exceeded its own expectations when it comes to protecting the environment, but it has also made substantial financial gains by adopting more sustainable ways of operation.



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