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Upcoming regional elections in Carinthia

Upcoming regional elections in Carinthia

On Sunday, 28 February 2021, the southernmost Austrian state of Carinthia will hold mayoral and municipal council elections

This month in Carinthia nearly half a million citizens will have the opportunity to choose their next mayors and regional councils. These local elections are held every six years.  

Eligible voters are all citizens, 16 years old and above, in a possession of an Austrian or a EU state citizenship and who are registered with the respective municipality in the region of Carinthia.  

Due to the pandemic situation, the authorities have provided suitable voting opportunities for their electorates.

Voting with a card

One option for the citizens is to apply for a voting card. This can be done via online e-application, in writing, or in person. Telephone applications, however, are not possible.

The voting itself is executed by mail before the election date or on the election day by handing in a secure voting card. Personal voting is also a possibility in the polling stations of the responsible electoral authority. For people with reduced mobility, the authorities have provided a ‘flying electoral commission’ which will visit citizens in their houses.  

Another option for voters is to cast their votes in the respective electoral office. This should be done before 26 February or on the election day in an outdoor voting booth without the need to enter the official building or polling station.  

Voting at the polling station

Lastly, polling stations offer two options for their electorates. First was the possibility to vote on 19 February 2021 (pre-election day) and second is the official election day  - 28 February 2021. The idea behind this is to minimise the gathering of many people during a single day around the polling stations and to avoid the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Citizens can register to vote online, or in person at Villach and Klagenfurt municipality or at the local community office.

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