“Mobil ans Ziel” will allow citizens to explore more environmentally friendly transport options, Source: Mobil ans Ziel

Upper Austria presents a website offering motorized mobility alternatives

Upper Austria presents a website offering motorized mobility alternatives

“Mobil ans Ziel” will allow citizens to explore these options

Upper Austrians' mobility habits should be more environmentally friendly, according to the state transportation department. However, this can happen not by bans, but through demonstrating alternatives to automobile traffic, in the view of the authorities.

The most important instrument of the transport department for this purpose is a new website presented by Transport Minister Günther Steinkellner. All transportation options in Upper Austria can be found at the "Mobil ans Ziel" website.

From public transportation and carpooling to bike path networks, there is something for everyone. Around the same time, there are suggestions for making traffic more environmentally friendly.

Tips on how the traffic can be more environmentally friendly

The Transport Minister also proposed a comprehensive set of policies to promote more environmentally sustainable mobility. “It's about expanding public transport. It is about being able to combine the means of transport better and thus utilize them even more. We want to promote bicycle and pedestrian traffic, promote new technologies and forms of mobility. We will of course also have to fill in gaps in the road network that are necessary. We are an important business location in Austria, so the road cannot be neglected in the future either,” said Steinkellner.

Upper Austria is making a direct claim to the future with the mobility plan. The holistic communication of all modes of transportation, as well as the intense awareness-raising for long-term behavioural improvement, are new in Austria.

A resilient and modern transportation system is needed for Upper Austria to remain attractive and competitive as a living space, work and business location - all while meeting climate targets. “Mobil ans Ziel” is a long-term communication plan for Upper Austria that includes a variety of initiatives as well as press and public relations work.

The website is the first milestone, in addition to a branding process that has already begun. It functions as a networking channel and digital home, with the aim of informing the public about the mobility options available.



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