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Uppsala gets serious about attracting international talent

Uppsala gets serious about attracting international talent

The city sets up a website, a reception centre and a personal guide service for the purpose

The City of Uppsala (Sweden) informed, on 18 May, about the launch of a new service, called Uppsala International Hub, aimed at attracting and retaining top global talent in perspective industries. This is a multi-partner collaboration also involving the Region of Uppsala, local universities and the Chamber of Commerce. It is motivated by a newer and deeper understanding of the reasons for labour mobility as a modern phenomenon.

Come, stay and thrive in Uppsala

The universities are the largest international recruiters in the region, but many of Uppsala's knowledge-intensive companies also have difficulties finding the skilled labour they are looking for within the country. International recruitment provides the opportunity to broaden the talent pool so that more companies can find the employees they need to grow. The Uppsala Region also has the same challenges, according to the regional Board Chairman Emilie Orring (M).

By making it easier for a highly qualified workforce to establish itself in Uppsala County, we strengthen the region's positioning internationally and provide the conditions for a good life in an innovative knowledge region with international luminosity,” she explained.

The initiative, therefore, consists of three different services which are integrated under the Uppsala International Hub umbrella. For one, there is a new website that presents everything from how to obtain a social security number and childcare to connecting to various networks and business opportunities.

Potential newcomers will not have to wonder where to begin in the settlement process as everything is explained step by step in accessible language. Yet there is even more help on board.

In addition to the website, a reception function is being built to identify needs and challenges as well as develop services to help new recruits and their families land in their new community.

Furthermore, on the website, one can book guidance from people who had experienced what it is like to establish yourself in Uppsala. The initiative is co-financed by the stakeholders and run by Uppsala Municipality.

We are very proud of this collaboration that will attract and welcome new Uppsala residents from all over the world and make them and their families thrive and develop in Uppsala. We have already perceived that the website and the planned service have been received very positively by the target group who tested it,” stated Erik Pelling (S), the mayor of the city.

The services will be accessible via the new website or the municipality's switchboard, but also through various meeting places and events, once the pandemic restrictions ease.



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