Puppy yoga - a fad or an ingenious invention?, Source: Depositphotos

Upward Dog: puppy yoga grows popular in Paris and Madrid

Upward Dog: puppy yoga grows popular in Paris and Madrid

The wellness trend adds a serious dose of cuteness factor to the physical exercise routine

The latest trend in yoga news is called ‘puppy yoga’. And no, it doesn’t feature easier levels on the classic upward and downward dog poses but is instead all about letting actual young doggies frolic around and socialize with people doing their yoga routines in the studio.

That version of yoga can be seen as a subset of ‘doga’ (you guessed it right – a portmanteau word for 'dog' and 'yoga'), which originated as an idea in the United States somewhere at the start of the century.

Then came puppy yoga under the understanding that practising the ancient Vedic exercise is more than just a fitness routine but also an approach to stress relief. What could be more relaxing and calming than playing with an innocent puppy?

Now the new fad in the ever-expanding contemporary yoga universe has reached France and Spain, with Reuters reporting that a studio called Puppy Yoga Paris, which opened recently, has found a warm reception with locals.

Puppy yoga for the stressed urbanite

According to Ella Rubinski, the founder of the studio in question, puppy yoga is perfect for Parisians because most of them lead busy lives, work long hours and live in small apartments, all of which contribute to daily stress.

"Many of us can't have our dogs at home or don't have the time to take them out every day, so this is an opportunity to spend some time relaxing and being happy," she told Reuters.

The studio offers several sessions a week when yoga practitioners get the chance to play with a puppy in the breaks between different stretching their bodies. Not only that - but there are also kitten sessions for the cat lovers.

And if you’re wondering where the animals come from, apparently the studio has established partnerships with nearby breeders to ensure a steady supply of puppies at their centre. The success of the initiative has led to plans for expanding the service throughout France in 2024. Puppy Yoga also has opened a studio in Madrid (Spain).



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