Cross Road Weather System by Syscom Engineering, Source: Cross Road Weather allows real-time monitoring of parameters such as temperature, freezing point of the road surface, presence of water, snow and ice / Syscom Engineering

Urban digitalisation through the eyes of the state of emergency

Urban digitalisation through the eyes of the state of emergency

Online system for traffic management, parking control and weather conditions

The COVID-19 pandemic posed many challenges to the sustainable development and progress in the field of telecommunications and digitalization. We realized that in such unprecedented times the present has become a digital reality and that challenged us to think creatively in developing Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Smart Cities services.

The “Syscom Engineering” JSC team has over 10 years of experience in helping the development of digitalization in Bulgaria, through the realization of projects in the field of telecommunications, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Safety and security systems, System integration, Urban environment development, and the building of Smart Cities

The power of technology

In our desire to offer the best possible solution to the Bulgarian market in the sphere of Smart cities and road infrastructure, in the last few years we have established a close relationship with the Czech company Cross Zlin A.S.,-  one of the largest developers and manufacturers of road technologies and related products..

Uniform platform for everyone

Invipo, is a uniform platform which collects, structures, processes and visualizes information that has been generated from the urban infrastructure, so that it can be applied when it comes to making informed and timely decisions. The platform is a Smart City Service prize-winner at the Smart Innovation Summit in Asia and a Smart Mobility Category prize-winner in Intertraffic Innovation Award competition.

The digitalization of the city is focused on the needs of the citizens, the administration and the municipal enterprises responsible for infrastructural maintenance. Real-time monitoring, better resource allocation, reducing of maintenance costs and increased supervision over municipal companies are just a few of the benefits for the city authorities.

Targovishte, Blagoevgrad and Vratsa are now part of our Invipo, family. The platform is available to the visitors and residents of these cities with ensuring real-time connection between cities and their administrations.

Module measuring the weather conditions and air pollution in BlagoevgradModule measuring the weather conditions and air pollution in Blagoevgrad

On the path to digitalization

Every citizen dreams of having a smooth roadtrip experience. Our mission is to create traffic solutions which allow uncompromised mobility from one point to the next through the reduction of traffic flow and pollution from the generate emissions., This, we were able to accomplish through the integrated work of the Cross RS 4 traffic control system.

Cross RS 4Cross RS 4, a system of detectors for counting and categorization of Cross Count traffic and eDaptiva - a software for traffic control

Network includes Cross Count detectors used for traffic counting and categorization and the traffic control software eDaptiva. The solution allows remote control, surveillance, planning, modelling and adaptive control of traffic flow, creating priority for public transport and emergency vehicles. Cross Park comprises a number of solutions for smart parking aimed at tracking the condition of defined parking zones and ensuring effective tools for control and regulation of the vehicle flow. The main components of the system include parking terminals, barriers, pay stations, parking sensors and electronic informational boards. 

The challenge that every city faces, is the maintenance of the road pavement as a result of the winter conditions. The Cross Road Weather system allows real-time monitoring of a number of parameters such as temperature, water presence, snow, and ice.

Information, which is updated every minute with data on fog presence and pavement friction significantly increases safety on the road. This, combined with the algorithms for anticipating weather conditions help the maintenance of the road network, which in turn aids the scheduling and cost reduction for the municipal enterprises.


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