Julia Kretz, Center Manager of Passage Linz, LH-Deputy. Christine Haberlander, Thomas Märzinger, Deputy Country Manager Upper Austria. Red Cross., Source: Lisa Schaffner, Land OÖ (Upper Austria),Christine Haberlander

Vaccination and shopping are going hand in hand in Linz

Vaccination and shopping are going hand in hand in Linz

Pop-up, no-registration vaccination centre is coming to the heart of Linz, as the city brings the jab closer to the people

From Wednesday (7 July) the city of Linz in Austria is bringing vaccines closer and closer to the people, by making a pop-up vaccination centre in the “Passage Linz” shopping centre in the downtown area. No registration will be required, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be used, as the city is trying to make getting a vaccine part of a casual walk in town.

The vaccine will be available to more than 130 people every day

Deputy Governor of Upper Austria Christine Haberlander stated, in a press release, that authorities had ensured everything would work smoothly because the pop-up vaccination booth will be staffed by experienced Upper Austrian Red Cross members.

The Manager of Passage Linz Julia Kretz was happy to collaborate with the regional authorities, because the higher the vaccination rate, the lower the risk of new lockdowns. She stated that over 130 people will be vaccinated every day in the new location.

The vaccination point will also feature a medical consultation, as it aims to be a complete procedure - meaning people can walk in, get a consultation and walk out inoculated, and all of this while they are shopping.

The Impfstraße "Passage Linz" is open from Wednesday to Friday from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm and from 3 pm to 5.30 pm on Saturdays. Prior registration or an appointment booking is not necessary for those willing to be vaccinated.

The national crisis team reported 10 new cases of COVID-19 in Upper Austria from Sunday to Monday. There are 98 active cases in the region in total. 419 people were in quarantine.

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