An attraction for art enthusiasts in Varde, Source: Varde Kommune on Flickr

Varde unveils the history behind the city’s 111 sculptures

Varde unveils the history behind the city’s 111 sculptures

A new sculpture guide allows art enthusiasts to acquaint themselves with the stories behind the city’s installations

When we walk around our cities, we often come across beautiful sculptures and works of art without knowing the stories behind them. While we may regularly pause to appreciate their beauty, we are often unaware of their history and origins.

Taking a case in point, the Danish Municipality of Varde has numerous works of art spread throughout its city. More specifically, one can find 111 sculptures along the city’s streets, parks, etc. However, its inhabitants are not acquainted with the reasons behind their creation and installation.

Now, the municipality has announced the launch of a new guide (both virtual and physical) that allows residents and tourists to explore the city’s art and understand its history.

New activities for art enthusiasts

Varde Municipality has shared that a sculpture guide can now be found digitally on the Vizgu application as well as physically in libraries, museums, and tourist agencies. Via the application, residents and tourists can not only gain access to the history behind individual works of art but also follow organised art routes throughout the city. Taking this further, one can either choose to follow the routes on their own via the guides or take part in group tours this summer.

Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Leisure in Varde Municipality Mads Sørensen commented on the new opportunities: “Varde Municipality is at the top when it comes to the number of works of art in the public space. We are proud of that, and now both citizens and tourists have a better opportunity to explore the stories behind the many works."

It is important to highlight that the City Council of Varde Municipality adopted an art strategy earlier this year. According to the municipality, the sculpture guides and art routes have been created as a result of this strategy.

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