Velenje stage and venue, Source: Municipality of Velenje

Velenje opens a modern event space with EU funds

Velenje opens a modern event space with EU funds

The beach area of Velenje lake has been severely damaged by mining activity

The Municipality of Velenje has obtained a usage permit for an event stage and venue located by the Velenje lake, their official website informed today. The construction of the modern event space, which is largely supported by EU funds coupled with national funding, is set to become one of the largest in Slovenia. Furthermore, it is about to completely transform the degraded urban area into a place that young and old people can look forward to visiting.

Enhancing the tourism potential of Velenje

The people of Velenje will soon boast one of the largest event spaces in Slovenia, thanks to European funding. The investment project for the CTN Event Stage and Space, that converted an area of 46 000 square metres near Velenje Lake, is nearing completion.

It amounts to almost 9 059 051.55 euros, about 70% of which comes from European funds (or about 6 001 238 euros under the European Regional Development Fund). The project is not just about economic and social attractiveness but is a one of sustainability as it is meant to rehabilitate the space, affected by coal mining.

Here, the municipality has arranged a modern event space in the wider area of the lake. A multi-purpose area with a capacity of 30 000 people, that will enable the organisation of various events, fairs, competitions, festivals throughout the year, has also been set up.

In addition to arranging the event space, a modern and attractive stage, designed as a multi-purpose facility above the lake, was built. Next to the building, there is also a special pier, which will be used for leisure and sports activities on the water.

The location by Lake Velenje has become ever more attractive for domestic and foreign guests in recent years. Last year alone, Velenje beach was visited by almost 100 000 people during the summer season. Now that the usage permit was obtained, the official opening of the facility is planned for the spring and it is expected to further enrich the local events calendar.

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