The rich pageantry of the Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival returns with an eye to the future

Venice Carnival returns with an eye to the future

The organizers promise a multidimensional event

Last year Venice turned 1600, but at the same time, its major traditional event – the Carnival - had to take place online. This year, things are looking up as the Carnival 2022 will also return into the offline world to show off the beauty and pageantry of culture, tradition and costumes.

This year’s edition will take place between 12 February and 1 March and it will feature events not only in the historic core of the city but also on the mainland and on other islands of the lagoon.

What will be the format?

The organizers have described the event as “multidimensional” and as a “work in progress”, meaning that many events will unfold both online and in person. Likewise, due to the authorities still being unsure of how the pandemic situation might evolve prefer to be prepared for eventualities.

Remember the Future” is the title chosen for this edition. It is inspired by a quote from surrealist artist Salvador Dalì: “And most of all I remember the future”. The planning has been entrusted in the hands of Massimo Chechetto, set designer at the Teatro La Fenice, who has been named the Artistic Director.

In his words: “Walking through Venice, even with a specific destination, one is forced to constantly change direction, the alley ends in a turning; behind one turning point a surprise, often a marvel, almost always a future. For the theme of this year’s Venice Carnival, I thought about our future, the future that this city full of the past unleashes in those who live it. It is, truly, a place in constant contradiction, where dreams and reality merge.”

Many of the performances, such as costume parades, will be held outside. The authorities warn that it will be necessary to maintain social distancing and to wear face masks correctly. The presence of personnel responsible for the observation and protection of the public is envisaged. Any activity may be suspended in the event that conditions for safe performance are absent.

In fact, some of the traditional events that historically generate gatherings will not take place. In particular, these are:

  • The “Venetian festival” in Rio di Cannaregio canal on Saturday evening and the water parade in the Grand Canal on Sunday morning;
  • The big animated stages of Piazza San Marco and Piazza Ferretto;
  • The procession of the Marias and the parade of the Bull;
  • The flight of the Angel, the flight of the Eagle, and the flight of the Lion;
  • The allegorical parades in Lido, Marghera, Campalto, Zelarino, Pellestrina, and Burano.

You can also consult the full programme of the activities on the 2022 Carnival website.



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