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Venice expresses strong interest in being part of the New European Bauhaus

Venice expresses strong interest in being part of the New European Bauhaus

Candidacy to host one of the 5 pilot projects of the initiative

The dates for submission of proposals to the 5 pilot projects of the New European Bauhaus may not yet be known but the fact is that the Municipality of Venice has already expressed official interest in being a place where one of these projects will unfold. This happened at a presentation on 14 April, attended by the local councillors of Heritage and Territory, Paola Mar, and of Education and Training, Elena Donazzan.

This candidacy has been spurred on by the active involvement of two Venetian universities – Ca’ Foscari and Iuav (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia), whose rectors were also present at the event.

Venice has a long tradition of combining aesthetics and practicality in its urban space

The two universities were instrumental in leading the effort and their representatives wasted no time in organizing a working table with the Municipality, which also invited the participation of highly esteemed cultural organizations from the region, such as the Academy of Fine Arts and the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, La Biennale of Venice, the Venice Foundation and with the Port Authority, Confindustria and the International Private Committees for the Safeguard of Venice.

The idea now is to scale up and also involve European institutions in the debate around the existential challenges that cities may face in the future.

This project seems tailor-made for Venice because our city has always been able to face the problems and challenges of the future. This is why it is important to be here today and it is important to make it known that, as networked institutions, we know how to face the challenges of the future together,” affirmed Councilor Mar.

She added: “The game is open to everyone and involves the involvement of citizens: it is in fact a project that is not lowered from above but comes from the very essence of Venice and its territory. Venice is a synthesis of everything that exists in Veneto, and not only: it is a synthesis of many cultures of the world since many have passed through this city and many have discovered or brought innovations and ideas here”.

The two universities played up to their strengths by suggesting that they have already been working on research in fields, such as sustainability, green finance, social cohesion, the fight against inequalities and marginalization, integration and social innovation policies, cultural heritage and sustainable tourism and technology. Research that can be seamlessly integrated with the goals of the NEB.



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