Venice is rushing to find ways and coordinate the arrival of Ukrainian refugees on its territory

Venice opens a bank account to collect funds for Ukrainian refugees

Venice opens a bank account to collect funds for Ukrainian refugees

The Municipality has also identified possible places where families can be hosted

Yesterday, 1 March, the Municipality of Venice announced that it has opened a special bank account to collect donations and build up a solidarity fund to be used in helping Ukrainian refugees arriving in the city. The action has been closely coordinated with the local Prefecture and with ULSS 3, the Veneto regional healthcare and social services provider.

Likewise, the authorities are working with the Ukrainian immigrant community, which is already established in Venice, in order to enlist their help and solidarity in welcoming and managing the expected arrivals of families fleeing the war in their country.

Fund-raising to mitigate the humanitarian crisis

Precisely with a view to providing concrete help to the populations affected by the conflict, the Municipality of Venice has opened the dedicated bank account No. IT 60 M 03069 02126 100000 300114 in the name of "Municipality of Venice - Venice for Ukraine". The sums raised will all be used for the current crisis.

Furthermore, to manage the reception of Ukrainian people fleeing the country, the Municipality has already identified 40 places in buildings for a medium-term stay. As for emergency reception, it has expanded the range of hotels usually used for dealing with housing situations for people in difficulty, aiming at the constant availability of 50/60 places in an emergency. The authorities are also waiting for indications on the subject of refugee reception from the Ministry of the Interior.

Through the Ukrainian community present in the area, which itself has activated a strong mutual aid system, a service was finally provided for the first operational indications. This started with contact with the ULSS services for Covid tests and vaccines, as well as the promotion of refugee-hosting by resident Ukrainian families. The Municipality has also made Ukrainian-speaking cultural mediators available for any need related to the emergency.



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