The moulds for the 115.5-metre-long blades, Source: Vestas on Facebook

Vestas to install world's tallest and most powerful wind turbine in Denmark

Vestas to install world's tallest and most powerful wind turbine in Denmark

It will be 280 metres tall with 115.5-metre-long blades and a production output of 80 GWh/year

The Danish company Vestas has recently revealed that it will install a prototype of the world’s tallest and most powerful wind turbine in Østerild. Officially named V236-15.0 MW, the turbine will be 280 metres tall and have a production output of 80 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year.

With such a high output, the turbine will be able to power around 20,000 European households and displace over 38,000 tonnes of CO2. According to a press release by the manufacturer, this is equivalent to removing 25,000 vehicles from the road each year.

115.5-metre-long blades

Vestas has begun working on the development of the wind turbine in its R&D and production sites in Denmark. More specifically, it has developed blade moulds at its factory in Lem and it will begin to manufacture the 115.5-metre-long blades at its offshore factory in Nakskov later this year.

The company will develop and assemble the nacelle of the turbine at another offshore plant in Lindo before transporting all components to Østerild. Vestas Chief Technology Officer Anders Nielsen commented on the impressive prototype, noting:

“Colleagues across Vestas have worked very hard and collaborated closely to ensure the rapid progress in developing and assembling the V236-15.0 MW prototype, and this announcement is an important step forward for Vestas and our customers. Getting the prototype turbine in the ground will underline how the V236-15.0 MW will raise the bar in terms of technological innovation, industrialisation and scale in the wind energy industry.”

Vestas reports that the installation of the wind turbine will take place in the second half of 2022. Following this, the company will collect data during the initial stages of the turbine’s operation in order to obtain a Type Certificate. Obtaining this certification will allow Vestas to reach its goal of starting the serial production of the turbine in 2024.



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