Video cameras guard against littering in Alytus

Video cameras guard against littering in Alytus

The devices are being installed at problematic waste collection sites around the Lithuanian city

Staying at home during pandemic lockdowns has led to increases in waste generation everywhere. To tackle the problem, Alytus municipality in Lithuania will be deploying more garbage containers around the city this spring. And to minimize breaches of waste disposal and separation, video cameras will appear at the most problematic waste collection sites.

Warnings and hefty fines

The first mobile camera was installed on Daugų Street this week and ten more will be set up by the end of the month, according to a municipal press release. The devices will be positioned in such a way as to cover rubbish heaps that usually spring up next to individual containers in the city neighbourhoods. 

The mobile cameras will be supervised by the Alytus Regional Waste Management Centre. After detecting a violation, it will be reported to the Public Order Division of the Alytus City Municipality Administration which will initiate administrative proceedings and impose a fine. Alytus City Waste Management Rules prohibit dumping of waste on streets, squares, parks, forests, fields and elsewhere and leaving it near municipal and packaging waste containers.

A violation carries a warning or a fine of EUR 30 to EUR 140. Repeat offenders will be penalized more heavily and charged from EUR 140 to EUR 600. During 2020, Alytus residents received 13 warnings for violating the Waste Management Rules.

In places where video cameras will be built, stickers will appear informing that the environment is under surveillance. If necessary, the mobile cameras will be relocated to other places that pose problems for the proper sorting of waste.

Ensuring proper waste separation 

Alytus City Waste Management Rules stipulate that holders of municipal waste must sort the generated municipal waste at the place of generation into:

  • green waste;
  • packaging waste, including secondary raw materials;
  • hazardous waste;
  • electrical and electronic equipment waste;
  • bulky waste;
  • construction and demolition waste;
  • mixed (remaining after sorting) waste.
  • food waste.

Residents are encouraged to report sorting violations to the ARATC Container Site Maintenance Specialist by phone (8 658 28 643) or inform the municipal Environmental Protection Division by e-mail at .

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