A sign in the park reminding visitors to not disturb the frogs, Source: Vilnius Municipality/ Saulius Žiūros

Vilnius asks residents to respect local frog migration

Vilnius asks residents to respect local frog migration

This natural phenomenon only happens in very green cities

The city authorities in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius have announced restrictions concerning motorized traffic in the large Vingis Park, located in the western periphery of the city. The reason: with the coming of spring frogs have awakened from their winter hibernation and are expected to proceed to their spawning grounds across the area.

Until 20 April, traffic restrictions are in force in Vingis Park. Motorized visitors to the park are asked to use only the parking spaces located in the more remote areas of the park and come to the park on foot. Only transport servicing the establishments operating in Vingis Park will be able to enter and do so carefully. All the visitors to the park are invited to move around it on foot.

Harmony between animals and urban residents

Spring weather already delights those who like to spend time in parks and wakes up nature. Awakened amphibians migrate in large groups to spawning grounds, often crossing busy park paths and streets near the green areas of the city.

According to naturalists, amphibians are a very important part of natural food chains. Their migration is a unique phenomenon that occurs only in very green cities. As such, Vilnius residents should actually be happy that this is a positive sign for the quality of the environment of their city.

However, inhabitants also need to understand why doing their part is important. Amphibians migrate in large groups, but if they feel vibrations of the road, they stand still, so many of them die under the wheels of cars. In order to protect nature, cities take up the protection of them by imposing temporary traffic restrictions.

Vingis Park is popular with residents of Vilnius as a place for walking, cycling and roller-skating. The park also hosts various concerts, events and festivals that take place on the stage in the centre of the park.



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