Vilnius City adopts three-year Strategic Action Plan

Vilnius City adopts three-year Strategic Action Plan

The municipal activities will be focused in ten priority areas

Vilnius City Council approved on Wednesday the Municipality's Strategic Action Plan for 2020-2022. According to the city website, the plan includes the city vision presented by Mayor Remigijus Šimašius last year, called "Smooth Vilnius - Strategic Orientation of Vilnius City 2030", alongside all strategic documents recently approved by the city administration.

Increasing population, ongoing foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in Lithuania, growing competitiveness, high concentration and diversity of service companies create the conditions for the emergence and growth of international companies. Therefore, the implementation of the Vilnius City Strategic Action Plan 2020-2022 and the strategic direction of Vilnius 2IN (Intelligent and Integrated) are intended to ensure efficient city management, to achieve managerial maturity and to facilitate the use of knowledge.

Ten priority areas

In order to achieve the goals of Vilnius City Municipality, ten priority areas are identified - education, social security, health and wellness, culture, mobility, economic development, environment and urban development, administration, security and protection, planning.

Taking into account the priorities of urban development and technological, social and ecological factors, it is planned to improve the accessibility and quality of education, by harmoniously expanding and developing the territories of Vilnius city through innovations, and to further digitize the accessibility of services. It is planned to improve the security of the city by applying innovative technologies, to improve transport connections, to ensure good quality of movement. 

Quality communication channels will encourage residents and city guests to get involved in cultural and community activities. The three-year strategic plan will also be a key pillar of planning for next year's municipal budget.




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