Vilnius improves water treatment capabilities

Vilnius improves water treatment capabilities

The municipality, alongside the city’s heating company are committed to protecting the environment

Vilnius Municipality, alongside the Capital City Company Vilnius Heat Networks (VST) are committed to protecting the environment and providing a better service to citizens of the Lithuanian capital, according to local officials.

Investing in the future

This statement comes alongside marked improvements in the Vilnius water treatment and heating network systems, recently unveiled by the municipality. The new water treatment plants of the Lithuanian capital will not only improve the water quality in the area but they will severely reduce environmental pollution and the costs of the water treatment itself.

“Increasing global attention to the importance of the environment encourages the search for solutions that will minimize environmental pollution. Environmental issues of our company are caused by the specific nature of the activity, its scale and the equipment that has been in use for many years. Therefore, we are looking for opportunities to modernize our economy and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment” says Gerimantas Bakanas, Head of VŠT.

Putting citizens first

With the spotlight shining brightly on the environmental effects of certain municipal activities, it would seem like the opportunity has finally arrived for an upgrade to the decades-old equipment.

The Vilnius water treatment facilities owned by the VST were installed over 30 years ago and have been practically begging for improvements. Not only were they no longer functioning properly, but over the years new technology has become available that would improve their performance.

According to local officials, the investment will not only reduce the adverse environmental impact of the municipal company, but will also severely reduce the costs for consumers.

By incorporating new technologies in local water treatment, the process will become much faster, cheaper and streamlined, thus effectively improving the company’s overall performance. It will also significantly improve the quality of the water offered to citizens as a whole.

Interested in the more scientific aspects of the project and improvements? Visit the municipality’s website.



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