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Vilnius unveils digital strategic direction

Vilnius unveils digital strategic direction

The Vilnius City Strategic Direction Vilnius 2IN paves the way for a more modern and digitalized urban environment

Vilnius is perhaps one of the best examples of a city looking towards the future – always preparing and anticipating the problems that might arise in the day of tomorrow, always ready to seize the opportunities created by technological advancements.

In these times of rapid development and many changes it is hard to adequately expect what the future might hold, yet the local authorities of the Lithuanian capital are managing to do precisely that via the Vilnius City Strategic Direction Vilnius 2IN.

Nature of the strategy

Developed and updated yearly, the Strategic Direction is part of the wider operating strategy Vilnius City till 2030. It covers the city’s goals and aims in areas like digitalisation, smart city technologies and intelligent communities. The ultimate prize? Improve the quality of life of citizens and solve issues, previously too hard or impossible to tackle.

For such ambitions to bear fruit, the local authorities approached those who will be most affected by ensuing changes – namely the citizens of Vilnius. They also contributed with their own proposals, which were taken into account when drafting the document.

The Vilnius City Strategic Direction Vilnius 2IN encompasses three key performance indicators (KPS) – Happiness Index, Travel Time Index and Life Expectancy. By observing these three indicators the capital’s local administration will measure the progress that’s been achieved and will allow for the drawing up of a more complete picture of how Vilnius is transforming into a smarter and more intelligent city.

To carry out the work envisioned in the Vilnius 2IN strategic direction, the projects and programmed it covers follow six key operating principles:

  • Incorporating the best international activity management practices
  • Digitalizing, improving and building upon already existing knowledge
  • Applying advanced and innovative solutions
  • Ensuring equal access of citizens to technology and equal opportunity to use it
  • Improving the way technology is used to solve modern problems faster and more efficiently
  • Involving as many citizens, users and advisers as possible

The program will be working in all areas of public life, which can be subjected to digitalisation and which can incorporate smart technologies – transport, administration, education, environment etc.

By embracing the future, Vilnius will allow its citizens to live better and more sustainable lives. The city strategy direction Vilnius 2IN lays out an approach to achieve precisely this goal. If you’re interested in more details about the municipality’s plans, visit the Vilnius 2IN website.



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