A pupil using the new equipment, Source: City of Přerov

Virtual Reality to liven up science lessons in Přerov

Virtual Reality to liven up science lessons in Přerov

Primary schools will introduce immersive learning tools in the second half of the academic year

On 12 January, the Czech Municipality of Přerov announced that the pupils of the city’s 8 primary schools will soon study physics, chemistry, science, and geography in a modern way. Partnering up with the publisher of interactive 3D tools Corinth, the City of Přerov has invested CZK 800,000 (over EUR 32,000) to supply schools with unique software and VR glasses.

Immersive learning tools

As part of the new project, science teachers will be able to make use of hundreds of 3D models, animations, videos, and simulations in the second half of the academic year. These immersive learning tools will make it easier for pupils to understand the subjects they study as they will no longer have to rely only on their imagination and the pictures in textbooks. 

Commenting on this, Deputy Mayor of Education Petr Kouba shared that the schoolchildren will be able to use Augmented and Virtual Reality to see the structure of plants, parts of the human body, geometric formulas, molecules, and experiments that are too dangerous to take place in schools.

Although Přerov is a small city with a population of about 42,000 inhabitants, it is the first in the Olomouc region to introduce immersive learning tools in its schools. As such, the city’s pupils will be the first to become part of the modern educational programme, in which experts from the Faculty of Science of Charles University have reportedly participated. 

To ensure that teachers can make the most of the new software and learning tools, Corinth will help train the staff of Přerov’s primary schools at the end of January. The municipality hopes that the immersive learning tools will spark the curiosity of the schoolchildren and inspire them to dive deeper into the subjects.

View the gallery above to see photographs of the modern learning equipment. 



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