A map of the attractions included in the Rijeka Winter Pass, Source: Rijeka Tourist Board

Visit Rijeka this winter and access its attractions for free

Visit Rijeka this winter and access its attractions for free

Tourists who book 2 or more nights in the Croatian city before 31 March will be gifted winter passes

Now that the warm, summer days have gone, cities feel emptier and quieter. Searching for new ways to attract visitors during the colder seasons, the Tourist Board of Rijeka is giving away winter passes to everyone who books two or more nights in the city from 8 November to 31 March.

Free entry to the city’s attractions

With the Rijeka Winter Pass, tourists will be able to access numerous attractions at no cost. More specifically, entry to the following cultural and historic establishments will be completely free of charge:

  1. Museum of the City of Rijeka - Sugar Palace
  2. Museum of the City of Rijeka - Kockica
  3. Museum of the City of Rijeka - Rijeka torpedo
  4. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  5. Natural History Museum Rijeka
  6. Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka
  7. JGL Pharmacy Museum
  8. Trsat Castle
  9. Peek & Poke - Museum of Childhood and Museum of Informatics and Technology
  10. Astronomical Center Rijeka
  11. Kantrida Pools

How can you receive a Rijeka Winter Pass?

Receiving a tourist card is easy and simple: all you would need to do is book two or more nights in Rijeka. Then, upon arriving at your chosen accommodation, you will receive your Winter Pass as a gift from the city’s tourist board. In addition to this, you will be sent a voucher with a QR code to your email address. To use the Winter Pass, you would only have to present the QR code.

It is important to note that the Rijeka Winter Pass is a special promotion, stemming from the Rijeka Tourist Card. The latter is the city’s official tourist pass, containing numerous discounts and special offers for facilities in Rijeka. This tourist card will be on sale from 1 April 2022, after the Rijeka Winter Pass promotion ends.



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