Visiting the doctor without leaving your home in Sweden - mission possible

Visiting the doctor without leaving your home in Sweden - mission possible

The county has several very popular digital healthcare apps that let patients meet doctors online

Sweden offers several digital healthcare apps that let patients meet doctors online. These doctors work within the public-funded national health system. In the current situation of coronavirus pandemic, they are helping ease the pressure on hospitals.

For years, Sweden has been a leader in the global development of digital healthcare and health tech. The country is providing access to different forms of healthcare through mobile, artificial intelligence and other technologies. 

In cooperation with the publicly funded national health system of Sweden

For examples, you can download KRY, which literally means ‘healthy’ in Swedish. It is an app that allows doctors and psychologists to meet patients over a live video feed. Doctors are available every day between 06:00-24:00.

The app is very fast. You will get a call back within five to ten minutes, and you don’t need to go anywhere and is funded through the country's national healthcare system.

For foreigners living in Sweden, it will be hard to find a doctor who doesn’t speak English, yet knowing who to call or where to go is made much easier by the use of the app. In such situations,  multilingual apps can be of great help for anyone unfamiliar with intricacies of Swedish healthcare.

In real life getting an appointment could prove to be very tricky - you need to book a visit two to three weeks beforehand or you'll have to wait for an emergency appointment which can take hours.

At the same time leaving the comfort of the family home and heading to an unfamiliar waiting room can lead to distress among patients. Staying at home and “visiting” doctor online, automatically removes the possibility to catch something even worse while in the waiting room.

Often there’s no need for the patient to be physically examined. The service is free for children and youths up to 20 years.

Adults have to pay 250 kronor for an appointment, which is only charged if the doctor provides some kind of treatment, such as advice, a referral, or a prescription which is delivered through the app.



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