The volunteer firefighters and the family next to the special cot and this year's Christmas tree, Source: City of Liberec

Volunteer firefighters transform Liberec’s 2020 Christmas tree into a special crib

Volunteer firefighters transform Liberec’s 2020 Christmas tree into a special crib

In the Christmas spirit of giving, the team donated the cot to the family of a little girl with a rare genetic disorder

Every year, volunteer firefighters from the Czech city of Liberec cut down a Christmas tree, transport it to the Dr E. Beneš square, and install it for the holiday season. Once the holidays have come to an end, they remove the tree and take care of its disposal.

For several years, this has been the task of numerous bodies, including a team of volunteer firefighters and the company Greko-Elektro, among others. In a press release by the municipality, firefighter Jana Čmuchálek explains that after numerous years of working together, the group agreed to donate the proceeds from their service to charity.

Helping vulnerable citizens

In 2019, the group decided to donate the money to the family of a little girl suffering from DDX3X: a rare genetic disorder. After seeing how the family received the donation, the aforementioned group decided to use the proceeds from the 2020 Christmas tree to support them once again.

Speaking to the family, the team learned that the child’s condition requires her to have a special cot. Seeing that the logistics fee would not be enough to cover the costs of the cot, the firefighters took it upon themselves the use last year’s Douglas Fir. Expanding on this, Čmuchálek shared:

“We had its wood processed into planks and beams, dried them and, according to the drawings we obtained during 2021, we made a beautiful crib. We then handed over the crib to the child and her family on Wednesday, November 17, at this year's Christmas tree installation, which we brought and anchored in the square in front of the town hall at noon.”

The Manager of the Liberec Advent Ondřej Červinka praised the group for its work, noting that it is fitting with the Advent atmosphere and the Christmas spirit of giving.



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