Braga Waste Collection Truck, Source: Municipality of Braga

Waste collection in Braga meets telemetrics

Waste collection in Braga meets telemetrics

The local fleet of sanitary trucks will provide optimized service

Yesterday, Braga City Council informed that AGERE, the municipal waste management company, had installed the ‘FleetBoard’ system on all 23 of its vehicles. This decision has made the municipality a pioneer in Portugal in the field of refuse management modernization.

Logistics best practices can be useful for municipalities, too

‘FleetBoard’ is a fleet management system designed by Daimler (the company that produces the Mercedes trucks) aimed at giving managers and drivers in the private sector better control and options for route optimization. This company has now partnered with the Braga authorities to install the same system in the sanitation trucks of AGERE.

The advantage for the municipal service provider will be the improved conservation of vehicles through minimized circuits and wear-and-tear. That itself will also lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions in line with the AGERE objectives to increase energy efficiency and guarantee corporate sustainability.

These kinds of solutions which are already common in the transportation sector are based on telemetry, that is generating remote data which is sent to a command centre for better control and analysis. The type of data generated can be multifaceted and includes not only information on the vehicles but also the status of the road network, driver data and transported cargo.

The synchronization of the control factors can lead to cost reduction and increased productivity through more efficient driving, as well as minimization of the risk of accidents.

The system also analyzes the driving styles and identifies problem areas for the drivers helping them gradually adapt to techniques and routes that will increase their efficiency.

With this strategic decision, AGERE shows its commitment to contributing towards resolving the social, labour and environmental issues in a comprehensive way.



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