Torma Adrian Constantin, Source: Moldova Nouă Municipality

We are ready to offer exemptions from local taxes to all those who wish to invest in tourism

We are ready to offer exemptions from local taxes to all those who wish to invest in tourism

Interview with Torma Adrian Constantin, mayor of Moldova Nouă in Romania

Adrian Torma Constantin was elected mayor of Moldova Nouă in 2016.

He is an energetic, ambitious person who boasts over 20 years of experience in the private sector.

Moldova Nouă is situated on the shores of the Danube River. Photo by Moldova Nouă Municipality

Please describe the picturesque municipality of Moldova Nouă in a few sentences.    

Moldova Nouă is a city situated in the southwestern part of Romania on the border with Serbia and has around 10.000 inhabitants. This city also has two villages, Macesti and Moldovita, and benefits from the advantage of having an extremely pleasant and attractive bank/shore from a touristic point of view, fertile fields and hills overlooking the Danube.

At the same time, we have two ports, one for industrial purposes and one for passengers, plus a new Ferry border crossing to Serbia which opened in 2019. Within the city of Moldova Nouă we have one of the most important copper deposits (found) in conservation at this moment. The pearl of this city is our gorgeous island, Ostrov, a wonderful place to visit!

Summer is in full swing, what tourist attractions offers Moldova Nouă?

Coronavirus has confused our plans, but the main objectives are both within the city of Moldova Nouă and within the communes in the vicinity of the city. I don’t want to be selfish, but the Serbian shore has a lot of exceptional places to offer.  

Tourist places to visit on the Romanian shore include:

  • Moldova Nouă - The island of Decebal with over 100 wild horses, the mound where the great Hun Attila (is said) was buried and the inland lakes with wonderful flora and fauna.  
  • Moldova Nouă - The Danube seafront, where you can serve traditional Serbian specialities.
  • Socol  - The Saint Sava Church built in 1215.
  • Socol - The river Nera which flows into the Danube with unique biodiversity.
  • Coronini - The Austro-Hungarian fortress, Ladislau, which is in reconstruction.
  • Coronini - Baba Caia Rock situated in the Danube, the only objective located in the Danube, and some restaurants with fish and Serbian specialities.
  • Garnic - The Modavita waterfall which is of rare beauty and we have plans to promote it. 
  • Berzasca - The lacustrine village ... a floating village which offers accommodation like in the Maldives.
  • Danube gorge - Starts in Moldova Nouă and follows the course of Danube to the Dubova area where the stone-carved portrait of Decebalus will proudly await.

Apart from benefits for tourists, the Danube river provides great opportunities for the development of the naval transport industry. How is the municipality evolving in this direction?

Moldova Nouă City Hall is open to support each investor by creating a customized offer based on the partner's request. At this moment we’re implementing and creating a legal framework and supporting the investor of a wind turbine fleet.

The Urban Plan offers the possibility to support investors and we are ready to offer exemptions from local taxes to all those who wish to invest in tourism, shipping and in industry.

Moldova Nouă is implementing numerous socially-oriented initiatives. Please tell us more about the most important ones among them.

The most important projects are aimed towards persons located in vulnerable areas:

Roma families are supported in obtaining housing and are provided with help in finding a job. We are also currently implementing a project for the construction of additional social housing.

Facilities for persons with disabilities through activities that help them to reintegrate in society.

We support NGOs that plan to help and work with children from single-parent families or children who have a parent working abroad.

How has the municipality developed since you became a mayor in 2016? Please tell us about the most important projects.  

The community, at this moment, has over 15 projects under development and has also benefited from investments from the local budget. The investments' goals include the development of the school infrastructure, urban infrastructure, rehabilitation of inland river dams, hospital facilities, swimming pool, SMART public lighting.

The funding comes mostly from European funds - about 20 million euros, from government funds - about 3 million euros and from the local budget - around 2 million euros.

Local elections will be held in Romania, will you run for the post of mayor again?

YES, I’ll run for my second term as well, because continuity is needed and the current team has accumulated the necessary experience to implement this project but also to take advantage of new opportunities offered by European funds for the period 2021-2027 and also from other sources of funding. 

What are your thoughts on TheMayor.EU portal as a unifying platform for Europe’s municipalities and how can it be useful to you and your citizens?

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your activity. I follow the web page with interest and I'll not hide it … this is a chance for me to learn from the experience shared by other mayors from all over Europe. With this big opportunity to present the city of Moldova Nouă, I am convinced that the citizens of my city will become followers of your page and will understand that by accumulating information they can become better citizens of the community but also of Europe.  

To find out more about Moldova Nouă, visit the profile of the municipality.



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