Ireland South East website, Source: Waterford City & County Council

Website reveals the life, work and investment opportunities in Ireland South East

Website reveals the life, work and investment opportunities in Ireland South East

It is a product of a collaboration initiative of the five local authorities in the region

With a population of 581,615, Ireland South East is the sixth fastest growing region in the EU and the most affordable city region in Ireland. Brands of global reach such as Innovate, Eirgen Pharma, Cartoon Saloon and Alltech are based there, offering exciting career opportunities. Contributing to the region’s economic appeal, the key urban centres happen to be all within close proximity of each other. But the South East also attracts people with its good life-work balance, as the region boasts beautiful scenery, hours of sunshine, lively communal spirit and active recreational culture built around sport, food and festivals.

But does the mention of Ireland South East ring a bell to everyone? Yes, there is the Internet, but navigating its maze of boundless resources is often exhausting. So, the creation of a single website where investors and professionals could get all the practical information about living, working and investing in the South East region, was felt as a must-do by local authorities. 

Regional collaboration initiative

As of this November, is a project come true. The site uses an innovative, story based approach in showing the benefits of the region not so much through statistical data, but through the personal narratives of workers and business people who have settled here and never regretted it.

The new website features a fast-paced video shot around the South East which serves as a whistle-stop tour of all that the region can offer. The film’s equally uptempo soundtrack is courtesy of curiously named South East-based artist Rarely Seen Above Ground (RSAG).  

The website was created by Ireland South East Development Office, a regional collaboration initiative of the five local authorities of the South East (Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford). It is the first office of its kind in Ireland.



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