Trees are a blessing but they can sometimes have a particularly negative effects on our lifestyle and property, Source: Freepik

Where do fallen trees go?

Where do fallen trees go?

The residents of Amsterdam can decide their fate

Wood can be particularly expensive – especially if we are environmentally conscious and follow sustainability trends that call for the protection of living trees and greenery at all costs. Yet, sometimes, it is necessary to cut down a tree – be it because it is sick, old or dangerous to humans and their property.

In fact, local administrations are well aware of this fact as it is one of their daily duties to cut down trees for the greater good. That is why it is very interesting to know where all the wood from dead city trees goes.

Sometimes trees die, so let it be for a good cause

As far as the city of Amsterdam is concerned, the fate of this valuable property is pretty transparent and all of the fallen trees are given a new 'life'. What to do with them is decided by each and every citizen willing to participate, as the city offers its wood at an auction.

On Saturday, 18 June, every citizen or entrepreneur who resides in the Dutch capital and the metropolitan region can buy wood from felled Amsterdam trees. Approximately 80 m3 of wood will be sold at the auction, spread over approximately 120 lots with trunks of all kinds of tree species and qualities.  

Species range from pedunculate oak, beech, and plane tree to chestnut, maple, linden, elm and more. The City also offer planks of sawn logs. You can also buy a log and have it sawn into planks there.

Authorities are also clear about the origin of this material. It testifies that trees in the city are sometimes pruned or felled and replaced, but only when this is really necessary. Often it this about safety, and sometimes they have to make way for a construction project. A storm can also be the reason for the death of a good number of trees.

The City of Amsterdam also uses wood – for a sawmill in the timber yard, among other uses. They use logs, for example, for construction, playground equipment or utensils. The larger trees are then sold at an auction and the proceeds go to Amsterdam Bos, the national forest, for the maintenance and planting of new trees.



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