Tampere: one of Finland's most vibrant cities

Which are Finland’s most vibrant cities?

Which are Finland’s most vibrant cities?

Ramboll conducted a study based on the 15-minute cities concept and its LIVCY index

Last month, the engineering consulting group Ramboll conducted a study to find out which Finnish cities are most vibrant. The company reportedly based its study on the model of “15-minute cities”: an increasingly popular topic that assesses the importance of urban structure.

To measure this concept and the vitality of cities, Ramboll developed its LIVCY index. According to a press release by the group, this index calculates how long it takes a city’s residents to access everyday services and locations. Example of such services include pharmacies, restaurants, schools, clinics, museums, public transport, playgrounds, and fitness centres, among others.

Ramboll explained that the closer these services and locations are, the more points a city receives. Eero Salminen, Ramboll’s urban and project development service manager, discussed the LIVCY index in-depth, sharing:

“The index is based on the idea of a 15-minute city, i.e. all essential services can be reached in that time, on foot or by bicycle. Walking is an equal form of mobility. From the point of view of urban planning, just 15 minutes of distance makes it possible for everyday transactions to take place without significant time spent getting to the services. Delivering things without a car also guarantees the health benefits of walking and cycling.”

Dense cities are the most vibrant

When residents live in denser urban surroundings, they generally have better and easier access to services and businesses. This, according to the 15-minute city model and the LIVCY index, means that they are more vibrant.

Ramboll divided its findings based on the population of cities. As such, the study revealed that Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Espoo, and Vantaa are at the top of the index when looking at large cities with over 50,000 inhabitants.

In cities with 20-50 thousand residents, the LIVCY index placed Kerava, Järvenpää, Hyvinkää, Raisio and Riihimäki at the top. Finally, the most vibrant cities with less than 20,000 inhabitants are Kauniainen, Pirkkala, Pietarsaari, Forssa and Kempele.



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