Copenhagen during the holiday season

While others enjoy summer, Copenhagen works to become European Christmas Capital 2021

While others enjoy summer, Copenhagen works to become European Christmas Capital 2021

Businesses can now apply to receive funding for Christmas themed projects

During this time of year, most European cities are focused on how they can attract more tourists for the summer season. Copenhagen, on the other hand, has already begun working on becoming the 2021 European Christmas Capital.

On 30 June, the Danish capital announced that it has set aside DKK 1 million (over EUR 134 million) for the implementation of initiatives and projects that promote Copenhagen as a European Christmas Capital. More specifically, it is inviting businesses to think of ways in which they can help the Danish capital strengthen its reputation as an attractive holiday destination for the Christmas season.  

Businesses can now apply to receive funding for projects

All shops, restaurants, hotels, and cultural institutions are encouraged to submit their ideas by 1 September 2021 in order to receive financing from the newly established Christmas budget. In a press release by the City of Copenhagen, Employment and Integration Mayor Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard explained:

“The Christmas capital must show all the creativity that Copenhagen can muster when we work together. It should light candles after the corona darkness, and give the city's restaurants, hotels and shops a fantastic popular Christmas party to look forward to. We came earlier this year with the special recovery budget, but now we want to support activities and initiatives in the Christmas months, so we can have as much life in the city as we experience here in the summer months.”

Essentially, Copenhagen hopes to become an attractive location where domestic and international tourists can enjoy culture, food, and shopping over the winter holidays. Taking this further, Lonning-Skovgaard disclosed that the municipality seeks to “create a Christmas party that resonates beyond the country’s borders”.

Funds for projects will be distributed at the end of September after all applications have been reviewed.

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