Ukrainians will now have free ticket access to around 800 routes , Source: Wizz Air

Wizz Air issues another 100,000 free tickets for Ukrainians

Wizz Air issues another 100,000 free tickets for Ukrainians

This time, people can book tickets to and from anywhere in continental Europe, the UK and Georgia

Last week, Wizz Air announced that it would introduce another 100,000 free tickets for Ukrainians trying to move through Europe. Bookings will be available from 11 August until 8 December, or until availability lasts. Unlike the last time the Hungarian company introduced a measure like this, people will be able to fly out of any destination in Continental Europe, the UK and Georgia.  

At the start of March, just days after Russia invaded Ukraine, the low-cost airline decided to offer 100,000 free tickets for people fleeing the conflict. Initially, however, those tickets were limited to people flying out from the so-called border countries – EU countries bordering Ukraine. These are Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland.

Meanwhile, many European rail operators lifted ticket requirements for Ukrainians, with many issuing the ‘Your passport is your ticket‘ rule. This included Belgian SNCB, German Deutsche Bahn, the Austrian ÖBB, the Dutch Company NS and others.

Taking luggage is still quite hard

A key feature of the new offer is that Ukrainians can travel from any destination in the continental EU, the UK and Georgia. This totals 800 available routes. The tickets themselves can be booked between 11 August and 8 December and they will available for flights between 15 September and 8 December.

People can book the tickets through a special website, where they will need to apply with their passport. According to an official statement by the company, the website will still ask them to submit credit card details, because this is a step in the booking system that cannot be skipped even if the bill totals out at 0 euros. People will not be charged after giving their details, though.

When travelling, people need to carry a valid travel document, including for children, meaning a passport. Additionally, they will also need to have a valid COVID-19 certificate. Furthermore, people who are fleeing Ukraine and are not Ukrainian citizens cannot access the free tickets.

Also, people are not allowed to travel with pets, unless they are classified as guide or assistance dogs. The free tickets also guarantee only one small cabin bag, any other luggage and services can be purchased at standard rates.  



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