corona app slovenia, Source: Ministry of Public Administration, Slovenia

Work begins on Slovenia’s corona contact-tracing app

Work begins on Slovenia’s corona contact-tracing app

It will be based on Germany’s Corona-Warn-App that has already been in use for over a month

As TheMayor.EU reported earlier this month, Slovenia has been on the lookout to begin the development of its very own corona contact-tracing app. The need for such an app has become evident as many countries are looking to solutions that would help them fare better in the event of 2nd COVID-19 wave. The implementation of such innovative and smart solutions might prove to be the only way for countries to avoid going into lockdown and further hindering their economies.

Contract signed, development begins

After the necessary legislation was adopted, the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration quickly went on to launch a tender for the creation of an app with a maximum budget of 40,000 euros. The winner of the bid is RSTEAM – one of 6 applicants of which only 4 met the budgetary preconditions set out by authorities.

RSTEAM’s pitch is valued at a total of 4,026 euros, including VAT and was quickly approved by the responsible officials. The app that the company will develop will be based on the wildly successful German iteration of a coronavirus tracking app – the Corona-Warn-App, which has been embraced by both officials and citizens in the country.

The director of RSTEAM, Primož Cigo, has already made a name for himself related to Slovenia’s handling of COVID-19. Aside from being the company’s chief, he is also a researcher at the Jožef Štefan Institute which developed the CoronaLive web application for monitoring epidemic statistics in Slovenia. The web app quickly grew in popularity and proved to be one of the most reliable sources of information and data in the whole country, thereby significantly strengthening Slovenia’s response to COVID-19.

The app that RSTEAM is set to develop is expected to be ready for launch on 1 August at the latest and will be instrumental to the country’s future handling of the novel coronavirus.



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