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Wroclaw doubles down on animal welfare

Wroclaw doubles down on animal welfare

The Polish city will be mobilising experts to consult on the proper treatment of animals

Wroclaw further enhances its support for animal welfare with a new body in charge of its protection. This was made clear after Mayor Jacek Sutryk announced the establishment of the Social Council for Animals on Monday, 10 May.

The members of the Council, whose names have been listed on the city website, include scientists, doctors, representatives of non-governmental organizations and veterinarians. According to the city, its tasks will include issuing opinions and recommending concepts, strategic documents, and acts of local law regarding the proper treatment of animals.

Developing sensitivity about the needs of animals

Mayor Sutryk is an animal lover himself and frequently poses for Facebook with his cat, in the municipal office. He said on the occasion: “Man is often recognized by his attitude towards animals. We in Wroclaw take care of our "smaller brothers". We will build and develop this sensitivity in people, because we love this city, but most of all we love animals and care for their welfare”.

As Barbara Borzymowska, chairperson of the newly established council and spokesperson for the Mayor of Wrocław for Animals, pointed out, according to the Animal Protection Act of July 21, 1997, Polish municipalities are obliged to take care of animals that appear permanently or for a shorter period in their areas.

She ensured that this is not an easy task and it requires expert knowledge. The appointment of competent persons to the Council will, therefore, allow for increasing the effectiveness of activities in the area of ​​animal protection and welfare.



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